What Makes Wisdom Teeth Harder To Remove

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What Makes Wisdom Teeth Harder To Remove

As the saying goes “With age comes wisdom”. In dentistry, this saying is usually referring to the wisdom teeth, the set of molars that grow behind our primary molars. If that doesn’t sound painful enough, in most cases they usually grow in the wrong and require removal to avoid impaction or discomfort. You’re probably asking yourselves “How can a set of teeth that you’re supposed to have grown in the wrong?” Well, the thing is that they don’t grow in wrong ALL the time provided they are given the right conditions to grow in. Factors can include, jaw width, the shape of teeth, size of teeth, gum lines etc. Wisdom teeth, however, aren’t as easy to extract as other teeth. This due to things like the angle of the tooth, the solidity of the jawbone and dealing with multiple roots at once.


Technically, no. However, that’s only if they grow in correctly, without causing you pain or discomfort. If they grow in an unfavorable position then you need to have them removed immediately. The new roots can wrap themselves around the alveolar nerve cutting off sensations to the lips, cheeks and tongue. In short, yes it’s best to have them removed if they aren’t situated properly.


Firstly, since this is a surgical procedure, you’ll be subject to undergo anaesthesia. After the anesthetic is administered, your dentist will be cutting into the gum and jawline to carve out sufficient space to pull out the wisdom tooth. Wisdom tooth extraction is especially painful due to all of this sawing and irritation placed on these structures. Some dentists also have the patients take anti-anxiety pills to relax their fears and worries about the entire procedure.


We are a dentist office located in Houston Texas. We specialize in many fields including cosmetic, general and cosmetic dentistry. If your wisdom teeth have grown impacted, we’ll be sure to make the extraction process as comfortable as possible and provide you with post-surgery advice to ensure a full recovery.