5 Ways To Prevent Gum Disease

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5 Ways To Prevent Gum Disease

Were you aware that over 64,700,000 American adults suffer from periodontal gum disease? Periodontal gum disease is an extremely common condition we see at Luxadent that can actually be completely avoided with proper dental care and specific lifestyle choices. Today, we’ll be covering 5 ways to prevent gum disease, we hope you learn something new!

About Periodontal Gum Disease

Periodontal gum disease is a completely preventable condition which affects almost half of the adult American population. Gum disease is typically caused due to poor oral hygiene as a patient neglects to care for their smile. As bacteria and plaque buildup in the mouth, damage actually begins to occur to the gums and other supporting structures in your mouth.

Gingivitis, the earliest form of periodontal gum disease is actually curable when caught early, however, once the condition has progressed patients are left managing symptoms for life.

Preventing Gum Disease

Ways to prevent gum disease

Schedule Routine Dental Care.

Although it is highly important to practice at home dental care, it is also extremely important to routinely visit your dentist for professional care. Most patients actually miss certain areas in their mouth, leaving a perfect environment for debris, bacteria, and plaque to become trapped. With routine dental care, we can properly monitor your smile and overall oral health, creating any treatment plans to address issues before they can advance into something more problematic. We recommend routine visits to Luxadent at least twice a year.

Properly Brush Your Teeth.

Did you know you should be brushing a minimum of twice a day? We also recommend rinsing your mouth after any meal (including snacks) if you don’t have access to brush your smile. You should brush for two minutes each time, making sure to reach every area in your mouth

Ways to prevent gum disease

Floss Daily.

Along with brushing it is extremely important to floss between each of your teeth. Many patients get debris and bacteria trapped between teeth, as bacteria in your mouth feed on this debris, acid is creating which can lead to periodontal gum disease.

Ways to prevent gum disease

Use Mouthwash.

Mouthwash is another excellent option (especially for those on the go) that can help to reduce bacteria in the mouth even further.

Kick Your Tobacco Habit.

Research throughout history has shown the tobacco use directly impacts gum health, we recommend kicking your habit immediately.