Dental Crowns in Houston

A Simple Fix For Common Dental Concerns

Missing, worn, or cracked teeth can be cause for concern, as they may hinder the ability to speak clearly, bite and chew properly, or cause self-consciousness due to an imperfect smile. Many times, the best solutions for fixing these minor inconsistencies in the teeth come in the form of dental crowns and bridges. Crowns and bridges can effectively restore the aesthetic appearance of a damaged or missing tooth, while providing functional benefits as well. We offer dental crowns in Houston, TX to bring back your self-esteem and help you eat, chew, and speak with confidence once again.

Dental Crowns Repair A Tooth’s Shape And Strength

A dental crown fits snuggly over a compromised tooth like a “cap” that both protects and strengthens the tooth, while providing instant cosmetic improvements. Not only is the tooth strengthened with a dental crown, but the original shape, color, and alignment can be restored as well. Crowns can be either purely cosmetic by covering a discolored tooth, or functional by protecting a tooth after a root canal or other damage. Crowns are also used in conjunction with dental implants to complete the restoration process for a fully functioning new tooth!

What Are Dental Crowns Made of?

Crowns are generally made from silver, gold or other metallic alloys, PFMceramic materials like zirconia and ceramic for restoring teeth. Crowns can also be made into some lesser range of resin based substances.

Benefits Of Dental Crowns:

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Once you’ve gone through a dental procedure, you’ll get temporary crowns that your dentist will place on your tooth to protect it until your permanent crown is made. This temporary crown lasts a few weeks
at max and is replaced by the permanent crown as soon as possible.

Permanent crowns, on the other hand, are made to last longer because they will stay with your teeth. Average dental crowns last for around 15 years; however, some dental crowns can last between 25-30 years if good care is taken.

What Is The Cost Of Dental Crowns in Houston?

The price of dental crowns in Houston depends upon the type of material used. For example, porcelain crowns cost more than metal crowns. This is because of the availability of the material, and the complexity of the procedure varies from type to type.

Generally, dental crowns in Houston cost between $700 to $1000, with the higher price for porcelain crowns.

Dental Crowns in Houston

Are There Payment Plans For Dental Crown Treatment?

Yes, we offer multiple payment plans depending upon the complexity of treatment. You don’t need to worry about anything. We accept a number of payment methods, including CareCredit, Wells Fargo, GreenSky.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Crowns?

Paying for a dental crown directly out of the pocket can be a little tough for many of us. That’s why insurance companies mostly cover a big portion of the dental crown treatment in Houston.

In fact, many insurance companies have dedicated dental insurance plans for dental procedures, including dental crowns. The dental insurance will most probably cover between 60% and 100% of your expenses. However, it’s best if you check with your dental insurance provider to confirm the details.

You can also come to us, and we can discuss all the available payment options and help you choose the best one.

Quality Care From A Highly Detailed Dentist

Dr. Triana and Dr. Perez has been practicing dentistry for over 15 years and has extensive experience restoring function and aesthetics back to teeth with the help of dental crowns in Houston, Tx. You can look forward to quality and convenient care from a dentist who takes a detailed approach to planning and performing your crown restoration treatment. Your new smile can look natural and be fully functional in no time! Call us at 832-462-6484 to schedule your consultation. 

When do I need a dental crown?

There are some signs, which indicate when you need a crown. Out of those situations, large dental fillings hold a prominent place. During such a filling, the decayed part of your tooth will be removed. Then the area will be cleaned out. Then the dentist will use a filling material to cover up the cavity. But if the filling is too large, but the tooth attached to the area is weak, you will have to experience fracturing. This is where you will need to get a crown.

On the other hand, people who are experiencing excessive wear of teeth will be asked to get a crown as well. This can take place mainly due to teeth grinding. However, acid reflux disease can also lead people towards the excessive wear of teeth. The other situations where you can think about getting a crown include broken cusps, undesirable appearance and root canal related oral health issues.

Is it better to have my tooth extracted or get a dental crown?

Dental extractions are not usually recommended for the patients by the dentists as the very first option. It is usually kept as the last resort. When no other treatment is delivering positive results, the dentists usually tend to go ahead with the extractions. Hence, you should think about getting a dental crown instead of an extraction. Your dentist will encourage you to do the same as well. But if the dental crown is not in a position to deliver the results you want, you can go for an extraction.

What are the different types of crowns?

You can divide the dental crowns into two main categories as temporary crowns and permanent crowns. Before the permanent crowns are installed, a dentist will prepare the teeth of a patient. Then the crowns will be created from a mold. This mold will be used to create your crown. However, the office of the dentist would not usually make permanent crowns. Only the temporary crowns will be made. All the permanent crowns will be made at an off-site facility, which has all the tools and technologies that are needed for getting the job done. These temporary crowns are usually made out of stainless steel or acrylic based material.

Do dental crowns need to be replaced?

There are some signs, which indicate when you need to go ahead with dental crown replacements. You will need to keep your eyes on these signs and get into timely replacement of the dental crowns. Then you can minimize the negative consequences that could come on your way. 

Receding Gum Line:

If your gum line is receding, you should think about getting the dental crowns replaced. That’s because there is a high possibility for bacteria to gather around the tooth. This is not good for the tooth as well as your gums. You will have to deal with a higher risk of getting gum diseases in such a situation.

Experiencing swelling?

On the other hand, people who experience swelling or pain around the gums should think about getting their dental crowns replaced. You can show your teeth to a dentist and figure out the exact reason behind the pain that you experience. In most of the instances, you will have to experience such a pain when the crown is positioned too high on the teeth. You don’t need to worry too much about this because the dentist will be able to examine the situation and provide the treatments you need.

Your crown will be subjected to wear and tear along with time as well. You will be able to notice this. When you notice that the crown is subjected to wear and tear, you should talk with the dentist. Then the dentist will be able to examine it and replace the crown. Wear and tear of the crown is rapid among people who are dealing with tooth grinding. If you are experiencing such a health condition, you will need to pay a lot of attention towards this fact.

Even if your crown is damaged by any other reason, you should think about getting the crown replaced. The crowns that are made out of porcelain are more vulnerable towards cracks and chips. When you are dealing with such a situation, your dentist will be able to inspect and tell whether your dental crown can be repaired. If the crown cannot be repaired, you will need to get that replaced.

Can a dental crown be repaired?

Dental crowns can be broken or chipped. In such situations, you will wonder whether there is any possibility to repair the crown or not. When you notice a damage in your dental crown, you will need to contact a dentist as soon as possible. Then you will be able to check and see whether the crown can be repaired or not. In most of the instances, it will be possible. However, there are some extreme cases where the crown is beyond repair. When you are dealing with such a situation, your dentist will replace the crown for you. 

When you notice that there is something wrong with the crown, you will need to do some inspection. You can see whether something is dislodged or missing. That’s because there is a risk for you to swallow it. To make sure that you don’t deal with any such issue, you will need to pull the crown off. Then you can rinse your mouth with warm water. 

In case if you notice bleeding from the chipped crown, you will have to apply a piece of gauze. Then you should rush to the dentist. If there is no possibility to meet a dentist immediately, you can get dental cement and cover it up.

How to properly clean my crowned tooth?

Daily brushing is the best method available for you to properly take care of your crowned teeth. You should come up with a habit to brush your teeth on a daily basis. In fact, you need to brush the teeth two or three times a day. On top of that, you should also floss your teeth at least one time a day. Moreover, you can make it a habit to use a mouthwash and rinse your mouth as well. Then you can get the harmful bacteria in your mouth to be removed. In the meantime, you need to make sure that you are using a fluoride toothpaste in order to brush your teeth on a daily basis.

Can food get under a dental crown?

Food and bacteria trapped inside your mouth can create infections. Hence, people who get dental crowns are often worried about food getting trapped under their crowns. If you can get the dental crown installed by a reputed dentist, you don’t need to worry about this too much. That’s because a dental crown with a perfect fit will be placed in your mouth. Hence, you can make sure that no food will get trapped inside the mouth. 

However, you should brush and floss your teeth on a regular basis after you get the crown. Then you will be able to reduce the negative impact that food and bacteria can create.

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