9 Reasons to consider sedation dentistry

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9 Reasons to consider sedation dentistry

Being hesitant to see the dentist happens to be a quite normal phenomenon. Many are anxious to visit the dentist and some people are so afraid that they refuse to go to the dentist all together. However, it is advised to see the dentist before any conditions worsen. Sedation dentistry is here to save you in these circumstances.

While there are several reasons why people are afraid of seeing the dentist, there are equally numerous reasons why they must consider sedation dentistry.

reasons to consider sedation dentistry

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry is the present-day, extensive technique in dentistry. Dental sedation involves a variety of different methods that are done by a dentist or anesthesiologist to soothe a patient or make them more relaxed before and during a dental procedure.

IV sedation dentistry

IV sedation dentistry serves as a kind of conscious sedation to help you feel comfortable throughout your appointment. It covers intravenous injection of a sedative, which will make you sleepy and unaware of pain during your surgery or dental procedure. That implies you can still reciprocate to gentle poking or verbal instructions, and you do not require help breathing.

Oral sedation dentistry

Oral sedation involves the use of medications that can be taken orally, either as a liquid or tablet. It takes roughly 10 minutes to take its effect, but you might be requested to take the medicine at least an hour before your appointment.

Reason to Consider Sedation Dentistry

Able to manage the fear of visiting the dentist

The typical reason for patients to prefer sedation dentistry is anxiety or fear over a visit to the dentist. For certain patients, the fear is minimal and manageable. However, for some people, their anxiety about dentists is overwhelming and weakening.

Sedation dentistry fully calms the patient and numbs their senses. It provides the patient with a comfortable feeling and a general sense of well-being.

The patient will not feel any pain throughout the procedure and will tend to forget about the procedure. Sedation is essential for reducing the pain throughout the whole procedure. Minor dental procedures can be done via a local anesthetic only.

The procedure flies by faster

As the dentist is devoted to keeping patients as relaxed as can be, this affects the span of the treatment. When patients are comfortable from the outset of the procedure, the dentist can work more adeptly and carry out the treatment quickly. Despite the dentist being warm and friendly, patients might feel uneasy in the dental chair and gazing around as the treatment proceeds. Even the weakest form of sedation dentistry can make the time fly.

Suppress gag reflex

Some patients have a high gag reflex, a body’s natural defense mechanism. And that’s inevitable.  It is coherent that having the tools in your mouth can appear to be rather discomforting.

Sleep dentistry options such as intravenous (IV) drugs, oral sedatives, and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) can help one to ease up during the procedure. The medication will neutralize the gagging reflex over a period. Even the weakest types of sedation dentistry can contain the gag response. In this way, we can make a start, and you’ll be more at peace.

Helps people with sensitive teeth and gums

Most patients don’t have a physical problem with a dental practice, sensitive teeth and gums can cause a dental appointment confining. Patients who have hypersensitivity usually have a lot more relaxing dental experience while under the influence of sedation. With sedation dentistry, this oversensitivity to dental tools and approaches is reduced enabling the dentist to complete the treatment without causing you inconvenience.

Helps You Sit Still

People may refuse to see the dentist because they’re having a hard time sitting still. This applies to people who have ADD, ADHD, mental disorders, or people who are hurting somewhere in their bodies.

With sedation dentistry, you are somewhat sedated enough to remain still. Fidgety patients will be fully subdued, allowing the dentist to perform all of the needed dental treatments without having to stop to inform the patient to remain calm. This makes the procedures pass by quickly and helps the patient feel comfortable the whole period.

Take care of multiple procedures at once

Do you need a dental implant? Want to have same-date dentures?  Rather than setting up several different appointments, why not doze through the whole thing and have them completed with no delay? Sedation dentistry keeps you relaxed such that various procedures can be done in one lengthy appointment.

Fast recovery

The medication utilized for dental sedation reacts quickly, though also loses strength faster, commonly leading to a recovery time of not more than 30 minutes. Your dentist will attentively oversee you, be sure you’re fit for discharge. But you may feel drowsy for several hours, so have someone drive you home.

Adverse effects of sedation dentistry are uncommon, with a low percentage of patients reporting headaches or shivering. The sedative agents can take up to 24 hours to diminish from your system, so you must do nothing while you recuperate.

Stay ahead of Dental Problems and cut expenditures

Sedation enables you to attend to the developing dental issues and, therefore, prevent them from becoming more severe or spreading. Because of sedation, your dentist can complete your treatment in the shortest period, causing reduced treatment expenses. Consequently, you can save more money in the end, in addition to excellent oral health.

Your view on seeing the dentist shall change

There are plenty of patients who experienced unpleasant appointments to the dentist during their childhood or never got in the habit of visiting as a kid and, ergo, have a negative interpretation of dentistry and going to the dentist.  According to some, the experience with sedation dentistry is so convenient for many patients that they do not need to take anti-anxiety pills for their next appointment.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

There is always a risk of getting anesthesia. When correct procedures are observed, sedation dentistry is considered to be a safe and efficient approach for the patient.

But some people, like those who, have obstructive sleep apnea, or are obese, must speak with their doctor before having sedation. Considering they are more prone to develop side effects from the anesthesia.

It’s vital to ensure that your dentist is skilled and equipped to administer the form of sedation you will be getting.

How Much Does Sedation Dentistry Cost?

Sedation dentistry can cost more; however, the actual expense depends on the level of sedation and the number of dental appointments needed to complete the treatment. Dental sedation is charged by the length of time.

A person will have to spend between $500 to $1,000 to go ahead and with full IV sedation per hour. This is more than enough to proceed with dental implants. For a 15 minute sedation, you will have to spend around $150 to $250.

Dental Sedation Care

If you have dental phobia, have bad dental experiences because of fidgeting or gag reflex, or simply need to pull through with the procedure, consult with our dentist, Dr.Tomei, or one of our staff regarding sedation dentistry options. At our Houston dental office, we are dedicated to benevolent dentistry. Your satisfaction is always our top concern and priority.

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